The next big Google SLAP is coming… are you ready?

Last December, Google made an ominous update to the terms of service on its video platform YouTube…

The update allows YouTube to terminate your account if they believe it is no longer “commercially viable” for any reason.

I believe this is Google’s first step towards cracking down on the type of content it permits on YouTube…

So in this short video you’ll discover the best type of content to create in order to safeguard your YouTube channel and protect your business in the future.

content samurai reviews

You’ll learn:

  • Why Authenticity is the secret to success on YouTube in 2020
  • How to build a personal connection with your audience
  • PLUS how to create video content that Google LOVES

So if you want to avoid the next big Google SLAP, be sure to watch today’s video and take immediate action to protect your YouTube channel and business.

Until Next Time

P.S. The content you created last year, may get you banned in the near future. In order to protect your YouTube channel and business be sure to watch today’s video now

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