How do I record my own voice track

Recording your own voice track in Content Samurai as easily as possible, by analyzing the video script and splitting each sentence into its own recordable chunk – so you can record like you speak, in sentences.

You’ll find the ‘Record Your Own Voice Track’ in the Voice section of the app:

Now you’ve found the option to recording in the app, here’s how to use that feature:

You’ll find a green ‘Record’ button on the left of your sentence, that’s the button you need to click to start recording

Once that button’s clicked you’ll see a 3-second countdown timer appear, which counts you into when you need to start talking.

On the right of your sentence, you’ll see a small microphone symbol that fills green to represent the level of audio your microphone is picking up.

If you see the microphone fill up to the top and then turn red, you’re either too close to the microphone or you’re speaking too loud.

Once you’ve finished recording and clicked the Stop button, you’ll see the button turn into a ‘Next’ button which will take you to the next recordable sentence.

You can also play your recording to make sure it’s perfect before moving on.

There’s also a re-record button (the red circle) if you find the recording could be better

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