Content Samurai Software Update History

The boys and girls at Content Samurai spend a lot of time making the software robust and are adding more features as time progress.

This is a record of the updates and changes that have occurred since Content Samurai became available to the public on 1st September 2015.

Content Samurai Update History

December 2018

December 7th

  • You can now alter the speed of the Auto-voice speed by using a new slider in the Preview section of the app!

December 4th

  • Video clips (like Intro clips, Outro Clips, Talking Head clips etc.) are now watchable in the Preview section!

November 2018

November 20th

  • The load times for the Preview section have been greatly decreased.

November 14th

  • The overall quality for voice tracks has been improved.

November 8th

  • Fixed a bug that would show the last slide sideways.

November 5th

  • Motion Video Backgrounds are now watchable in the Preview section!

October 2018

October 29th

  • We’ve greatly improved the quality of the AI Voice!
  • Now you can set a slide to have no timing so it’s skipped over, just in case you want that kind of thing…

October 18th

  • Now when you change from image to clips (or vice versa) the app will search for new results. More automation = more lazy = more awesome!

October 17th

  • Fixed a bug that was causing videos not generate due to issues with certain types of images.

October 10th

  • Certain backgrounds video clips found using the in-app search feature will now render successfully.

October 9th

  • Fixed a minor bug where setting a background image wouldn’t show in the app. Our magical developers have slain this beast!

October 4th

  • Fixed a minor bug for templates that require a side-bar image. This fix is mainly for templates found in the ‘Property Listing Videos’ section.

October 3rd

  • Made further improvements to the in-app image searching. Now you can specify which type of cat image you need!

September 2018

September 20th

  • Improved the quality of images returned when searching from within the app. More overall images mean more cat images – you’re welcome!

September 5th

  • You can now search for videos clips, as well as images, and add them to slides – all from inside the app!

August 2018

August 20th

  • The microphone levels weren’t showing, now they are. Booyah!

August 16th

  • We gave Content Samurai a complete visual makeover!

August 8th

  • Sample voice tracks for auto voice are now higher quality
  • Added codec information on the Download page for Windows users

July 2018

July 31st

  • Minor template image fixes
  • Minor API fixes

July 30th

  • New auto voices for Aus and UK have been released and updated in the app (US voices were already on the newer updated version).

July 26th

  • Specific options have been set for each template

What this means:

– Each time you choose a different template for a video, the defaults for that template is applied to your video (overwriting your current settings on the video.)
– As a user, you can edit the default slide generation options for your custom templates.

July 19th

  • Improved stability of template options for future Real Estate templates
  • You can now use the ‘link a slide’ option on a slide that doesn’t already have an image on it!

July 17th

  • Improved stability of template options for future templates

July 13th

  • Improved how the automatic user options (found in the Script section of the app) have been improved

July 12th

  • Brought back The Biff image backgrounds on templates!

July 10th

  • Flushed out some gremlins in the video generation section of the app.

What this means:

– Better error messages when going into slides (less claiming it was the connection when it wasn’t)
– Users are no longer allowed to edit the script if they have >= 200 slides.
– Fixed a potential issue that could have been causing lockups has been removed
– The connection should be more resilient to timeouts when going into slides

July 6th

  • Added new template example videos to the app

June 2018

June 29th

  • Fixed a few minor template bugs

June 28th

  • The templates section has been updated to make it easier to create the perfect video style

June 25th

  • Added a warning message when converting a Landscape (16:9) video that has video clips into a Square (1:1) format. It’s just a reminder to switch out the videos so they display correctly when downloaded.

June 15th

  • Fixed a minor caching problem with already generated videos

June 14th

  • Text to speech added to the app!

May 2018

May 18th

  • Fixed major stability issues!

May 17th

  • The manual timing area in Preview has been improved and now runs smoother than ever!

May 11th

  • Significant improvements have been made to the quality of automatic images.
  • Overall improvements to the image search performance

May 3rd

  • Fixed a grouped slides bug – now you can group those suckers properly.

May 1st

  • Fixed a bug that would cause our Audio servers to fall over. Improvements, yay!

April 2018

April 20th

  • Made the app more stable by improving the code. Now the app shouldn’t fall over with really, really big scripts – hooray!

April 19th

  • We have renamed the first section of the app to “Templates” from “Style” to better represent the module.

April 11th

  • Have you heard the buzz? We’ve switched the default template to the “Viral Buzz” template.

March 2018

March 29th

  • You can now see the video title in the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen. No more guessing which video you’re working on… unless you want to! #followyourdreams

March 27th

  • Fixed issue that caused the app to randomly crash when you had the ‘Automatically Select Images for me’ option checked.

March 13th

  • Fixed issue that caused slide rendering to hang forever when loading the Slides section.

March 12th

  • Motion Video Backgrounds are out. Now you can finally add funny cat videos to your slides!

March 8th

  • Fixed a minor issue that would switch your media type when moving between slides. Now slides with images show image results and slides with videos show video results – simple!

March 6th

  • Fixed an annoying issue that was causing our servers to fall over when generating certain videos, that would cause an outage for all users!

March 5th

  • Fixed an issue causing slow rendering times – Content Samurai is now spitting out videos faster than ever before!

March 2nd

  • We made significant fixes to the generation process.
  • We’ve moved the layout option to the menu that runs along to the top of each slide!

February 2018

Feb 26th

  • Style background images are… well… back!
  • Fixed minor issue with slide background images

Feb 22nd

  • Updated 1st video in the Help section to a newer version
  • Added 9 point layout to the app – now you get the point!

Feb 21st

  • Fixed minor server issues with that control the Voice section of the app

Feb 16th

  • Updated the ‘Help’ page with new Getting Started videos that include our brand new features

Feb 15th

  • Added more ‘Style’ to the app with a new section!

Feb 8th

  • We’ve squashed the bug that wouldn’t delete images from your Content Samurai image library.

January 2018

Jan 9th

  • Fixed a bug where unchecking ‘Add Transitions’ didn’t do anything.
  • Content Samurai will now automatically flip uploaded images so they are the correct way up.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented images with non-alphabet characters (#$%&!) in the name when uploading to your image library! Now you can hashtag to your heart’s content! #yay

Jan 7th

  • Fixed an issue where slides were bunched up at the start of your timeline. We’ve separated the troublemakers!

December 2017

Dec 15th

  • You don’t have to hover your finger over the volume button. Now uploaded clips will be the same audio level as your voiceover, no more speaker destroying uploaded clips!

Dec 8th

  • The audio on uploaded video clips are now ‘normalised’, so the video clip audio and recorded audio sound the same!

November 2017

Nov 29th

  • Now you can continue motion (a.k.a Ken Burns) across multiple slides.

Nov 28th

  • There will a be a lot of wrapping this Holiday season, so we thought we’d join in on the fun and start wrapping the text on slides so they look more professional!

Nov 23rd

  • Fixed a minor display bug on the attribution page

Nov 6th

  • Fixed the image search so it doesn’t fall over

October 2017

Oct 25th

  • We cracked the whip and improved the automatic splitting algorithm to better fit the script to slides.

Oct 13th

  • Fixed a minor bug with transparent background images not working correctly
  • Fixed a minor bug that showed the images/clips radio buttons on the layouts tab

Oct 5th

  • Animated Text has made it into the app!

Oct 3rd

  • Fixed a bug that caused random HTML code to show on Content Samurai videos. </awesome post>

September 2017

Sept 28th

  • You can now watch a progress indicator load in the Slide section. Warning: Slightly more exciting than watching paint dry!
  • Now you can generate a theme with a blank background – tada!

Sept 21st

  • Uploaded video clips and images are now stored in your own personal library. Librarian not included*

Sept 14th

  • Found a bug in Content Samurai that breaks the entire app. It has been “dealt with”.

Sept 8th

  • Minor transitions times tweaks.

August 2017

Aug 25th

  • Not happy with the automatic transitions? Well, now there’s a new button between each slide to either turn off transitions or pick your own!

Aug 25th

  • Fixed watermarks on square videos

Aug 17th

  • Don’t be a square, check out our new square video format for Social Media platforms like Instagram!

Aug 10th

  • We have transitioned into having transitions in our videos!

Aug 3th

  • We’ve created a new renderer – it’s alive, AAALLLIIIVVVEEEE!

July 2017

July 20th

  • Add a little personal flavour by adding a watermark to your videos from the Preview module.

July 10th

  • We now split sentences bettererer in the app when you have the “

July 5th

  • Fixed a few minor backend Noble Samurai account issues

June 2017

June 29th

  • Added a ‘Select Layouts For Me’ option to increase viewer engagement and keep your videos looking snazzy!

June 26th

  • Fixed the way Ken Burns works with repositioned images
  • Cleared out a minor bug that caused Background images for custom themes to not show

June 21st

  • We now have an updated version of the ‘Welcome to Content Samurai’ video in the Help section of the app!

June 18th

  • Made some improvements like lacing up Sensei Sam’s shoes, so Content Samurai runs faster.

June 14th

  • Fixed a minor bug that cuts off background music for extended videos that have an outro clip!
  • Ironed out a few bugs causing the “Generate Slide Timing: null” error message in Preview!
  • Background music for videos over 10 minutes will now loop in the Preview section!
  • Fixed uploading .wav file format voice over files to work with your videos!

June 12th

  • We now display licensing info on the attribution page, take that copyright infringement warriors!

June 8th

  • Improved the scrolling in the Slide section for that ‘new slide feel.

June 2nd

  • Cleaned out some junk to make the app work harder
  • Improved Auto Image Population for slides

May 2017

May 29th

  • Improved our image search database, so when you search for words like “cute kittens” you will get cute kittens!

May 25th

  • Moving images (a.k.a Ken Burns) is now LIVE!!

May 24th

  • Updated loading screens to show Sensei Sam working hard to load your videos!
  • Moved ‘Polar Ice’ theme to the second position, because it’s a sexaaay theme!

May 14th

  • Changed the default for Music Only videos back to being based on how many words are on each slide!

May 14th

  • We took down our metaphoric “Christmas tree” and moved the Christmas song to the bottom of the background music list.

May 2nd

  • Fixed some minor issues resulting in a smoother Preview experience.

April 2017

April 21st

  • Add a feature to automatically bold keywords on each slide, to emphasize the awesome!

April 20th

  • Updated Sensei Sam images in the Audio section

April 17th

  • If you decide to make a Music Only video, the background music will be louder, if there’s a voice recording (uploaded or recorded in the app) the background music is a little softer.

April 10th

  • Now your Content Samurai slides will come with images already on them. Collect them all!

April 5th

  • Users have spoken, and we have listened – you can now set how long you want each slide to appear for in seconds from the Preview section!

April 4th

  • We’ve removed all glitches in the Audio section – no more Deja Vu cats in the Matrix!

April 2nd

  • By popular demand, ‘No Voice Recording’ is the default option in the Audio section – silence is golden!

March 2017

March 28th

  • The new default layout for slides is ‘Centred’, so slides with more words are still good looking (the previous default layout is at the bottom of the layout section)!

March 20th

  • To keep your themes fresh and new, we now prevent users from making identical custom themes!

March 5th

  • Changed our Slide section in the backend to get ready for some cool future features!

February 2017

Feb 1st

  • Fixed bug that stopped background music for videos with extended time

Jan 31st

January 2017

Jan 31st

  • Who needs to title videos anymore? You can now search for your “Untitled” videos!

Jan 11th

  • Improved loading times Content Samurai – sorry for the ‘long loading time’ lovers out there!

December 2016

December 28th

December 9th

  • Santa came early this year and added a new Christmas song to Content Samurai – thanks, big guy!

December 2nd

  • The older we get, the LESS forgetful we’re becoming. Now we remember the last section you were working on for each video!

November 2016

November 21st

  • Made the vertical green bars, in the Preview section, more ‘click and draggable’
  • Fixed video upload bug, now you can upload as many funny cat videos as you desire

November 18th

  • Are you a better singer than these so called “professionals” – I know I am! Now you can upload your own background music to your Content Samurai videos

November 9th

  • Minor bug fixes in the Preview section

November 8th

  • Make your video never-ending by dragging out the end of the timeline forever (or just a few seconds)!

November 3rd

  • Hoarding videos is now more manageable with the addition of Folders!

October 2016

October 25th

  • Put the Script font size on a diet, so it’s a better fit

October 19th

  • Fixed a pesky bug caused by Grammarly

October 18th

  • Hide text for ‘Split By Sentence’ video without even having to say the magic words

October 17th

  • Improved our built-in image search features to provide more relevant results (and hopefully more cat images)

October 10th

  • Fixed minor bug with special characters in video titles

September 2016

September 12th

  • Added a cool new feature that auto-magically offers image suggestions, based off the words on the slide

August 2016

August 29th

  • Downloaded videos now have the video title as the file name – hoorah!

August 24th

  • We now support voice track files with funny characters (like # and %)

August 18th

  • Fixed minor bug causing background music to play over an uploaded into clip

August 17th

  • We now have a free 7 day Content Samurai trial open – sign up here

August 9th

  • Fix a case where manual timing would go ‘walk about’ on silent videos.

August 4th

  • Uploading your own voice track is now LIVE!

July 2016

July 28th

  • Custom Themes is now LIVE – create your own theme to match your brand!

July 13th

  • Added multiple splitting algorithms, you can now split your script by paragraph

July 19th

  • We just created a fun way to share your videos, get feedback and show off your work in our ‘I Use Content Samurai’ Facebook group – check it out here

July 7th

  • Added the option to allow music to be played over uploaded video clips

June 2016

June 8th

  • Fixed minor caching bug
  • Fixed minor automatic slide timing bug

May 2016

May 24th

  • Allow users without a Mic to make a video without recording Audio.

May 23rd

  • Add a better error message if Content Samurai can’t hear any of the Audio Recordings.

May 18th

  • Add Custom Themes into the app – let’s make some sexy videos!

April 2016

April 5th

  • Added the ability to Add a New Slide, for those times in life when all you need is a new slide!

April 1st

  • Added a ‘Click here to make $1,000,000’ button here

March 2016

No Updates Required

February 2016

February 22nd

  • Updated the Help Centre video with a sexy voice*
    *So says the person who recorded it

February 9th

  • Fixed minor issue with thumbnails not showing in Creative Commons section

February 8th

February 4th

  • Fixed some minor Chrome Flexbox issues (another classic case of Flexbox being Flexbox)!

January 2016

January 15th

  • You can now move and resize your images – if your pictures start to come to life and take over the city, like Ghostbusters 2, who you gon’ call?  …Noble Samurai Support!

December 2015

December 22nd

  • Just in time for Christmas, and with a chilly snowing intro clip, we created a video to help you get an intro created for under $10 using Check it out here…

December 16th

  • You too can now be like Sifo-Dyas and clone…your videos! This feature is great if you want to make slightly different versions of the same video.

  • Are you the kind of person who likes to crank the music at a party? You can now adjust music and voice levels on the preview screen.
  • Sensei Sam has put on his Santa suit to celebrate the festive season!

December 15th

  • Creating a video with Content Samurai that has a video in it? A video within a video? What? It’s ok – those who wanted this feature will know exactly what we are talking about!

    For everyone else, check out what this new feature does here….

November 2015

November 10th

  • You can find the sultry voice of our CEO, Euge, on the Entrepreneur Ignite Podcast with Derek Gehl here

November 5th

  • Shared How to Boost Your Traffic and Rankings in Youtube with Transcripts Video here

November 4th

October 2015

October 21st

  • Today was the day Marty McFly travelled to in ‘Back to the Future’ – Oh and we’ve replaced the old Background Music with 20 brand new tracks! Update Video here

October 19th

  • Updated Tutorial with the new Record Mode sync feature because it’s so hot right now!

October 8th

  • Made the in-app notifications more helpful!

September 2015

September 24th

  • Added a ‘Record Mode’ feature to the Manual Timing section – for those slides that just don’t want to play nice. Update Video here

September 17th

  • Added a Delete Slides button to remove those pesky leftover slides (and they would’ve got away with it too if it weren’t for us meddling kids)
  • Added article links to the Help! (I need somebody…) section

September 16th

  • Added the ability to make Silent Videos. Which was ironically a very talked about feature! Update Video here
  • Added more images of Sensei Sam to loading screens. Collect them all!

September 11th

September 1st

  • Content Samurai Launched to the public – and it begins…

August 2015

August 25th

  • Content Samurai Facebook group created because we heard Facebook is about to take off 😉

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