Animoto or Lumen5 or Content Samurai?

How does Content Samurai stack up against Animoto and Lumen5?

Just to be clear, both Animoto and Lumen5 are great tools for creating certain types of videos.

Animoto has a lot of specific templates and is great for short promotional videos (especially if they have a template that suits exactly what you’re looking for).

However, if you want to create something a bit different, or you want to start from scratch, it’s quite a time-consuming process because you have to manually replace every piece of content in a template with your own images and clips.

Lumen5 does a good job of turning articles into videos, but they don’t support a voice track so this again means you can really only create short videos for social media.

On the other hand, Content Samurai is the only product on the market that allows you to create ALL the different types of videos you need in your business.

These include:

  • Social media videos for attracting attention and generating traffic
  • Content videos that allow you to educate and nurture your leads
  • Sales videos that help you actually convert visitors into customers! (Because Likes and Shares DON’T pay the bills!)
  • Retargeting Ads for Facebook that convert your best prospects into buyers
  • Training videos to help explain your product or service
  • Online course videos that allow you to share your knowledge with the world

Here’s the breakdown in a table:

So if you’re looking for the fastest way to create ALL of the videos you need to build a massive online audience, and convert your viewers into buyers, Content Samurai is the obvious choice.

I hope this helps clear things up 🙂

And remember, if you subscribe to Content Samurai within the next 48 hours you can lock in a massive 40% off the regular retail price… for LIFE!

At just $29 a month for the Premium Version, Content Samurai is also much cheaper than Animoto or Lumen5, with their plans costing upwards of $199 a month!

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